Making The Most Of Your Postgraduate Studies

For 70% of people contemplating postgraduate studies, the potential for increased salary is the most appealing aspect. The chance of better pay is just one of the many benefits of undertaking postgraduate study, but many prospective students are put off applying as they see it as costly and time-consuming. By giving careful consideration not only to the subject you’d like to study, but also to the duration and location of the course, you can continue to enjoy a good quality of life and minimize expenses and student debt while studying. Taking on postgraduate study is a considerable commitment, so it’s important to make sure the extra qualification you gain is worthwhile to you and future employers.

postgrad studies

Choosing A Profitable Field.

Committing to postgraduate study should ideally be in a subject you enjoy, and indeed many mature students study for personal interest as well as to enhance their skills. If you’re drawn to the fields of finance or science and technology, you can combine personal interest with the prospect of better pay upon graduation. Last year, the highest salaries were paid to STEM graduates, all starting at over $60,000. As well as increasing earning potential, postgraduate study in a lucrative field will also help with employability, and you can get started sooner in your career by choosing to fast track your studies with an accelerated PhD. This can help save you time and money without compromising on the quality of tuition or the value of the qualification you gain.

Avoiding Further Debt.

Taking up work during your masters or PhD is a good way to offset fees and expenses incurred while studying. Teaching, research or paid work experience in your chosen field will not only help to fund your lifestyle, but at the same time will enhance your studies and, ultimately, your CV and career prospects. If you are already in work and contemplating further studies to further your career, you could ask your employer to fund a postgraduate degree. This could be the solution to avoiding further debt from student loans. It also demonstrates initiative and commitment to your employer, qualities which, together with an appropriate postgraduate qualification, are likely to lead to promotion and better pay.

Seeing More Of The World.

Combining postgraduate study with a year abroad is another way to stand out to potential employers. It is also a great way to see more of the world, discover other cultures and learn a new language. All these experiences will enhance your job prospects by demonstrating greater global awareness. Certain specialist postgraduate study subjects, such as perfecting foreign language skills or researching indigenous wildlife, obviously benefit from being undertaken in another country. However, since many countries offer international students minimal tuition fees or waive them completely, studying abroad is practical for any student from a financial point of view.

As you may have discovered, it is possible to gain a degree without having to make sacrifices socially or financially. Taking your studies further with a masters or PhD without compromising on your quality of life can be just as feasible. In addition, postgraduate study could significantly improve your employability and turn out to be a very lucrative career choice.