Black Friday Shopping Tips: Become a Sales Pro

Do you get excited about Black Friday shoppping?

We know what it’s like to find an amazing deal that you can’t turn down. We also know what it’s like to be stressed about paying a credit card balance down.

This is why we’re going to look at Black Friday shopping tips to help you survive this year…

Thanksgiving is almost upon us and the Black Friday sales are slowly being revealed by retailers. You can’t go anywhere in the cyber world or the real world without hearing about the amazing Black Friday doorbuster sales that are coming.

Before Black Friday hits and you find yourself stuck trying to find parking for 2 hours or scrolling through offers it’s important that you’re prepared for this event.

Create a detailed list of what you want based on flyers.

If there is something (or 345 things) on your Christmas wish list that is featured in a flier promoting Black Friday sales then make a note of it. You should try to be as meticulous as possible when keeping up with Black Friday ads. The reason for this is so that you can purchase as many of your NEEDED items as possible and a minimal amount of the filler stuff.

Check online flyers.

The Monday following Thanksgiving is known as “Cyber Monday” and it is the online version of Black Friday. With that being said, don’t for one second assume that there won’t be any deals offered in the cyber retail realm.

Don’t force anyone to go shopping you.

This is a huge pet peeve of mine. I absolutely hate it when I’m forced to go shopping. Don’t get me wrong I’ m not some dude that never shops. I just hate to be dragged along for a whole day of deal finding and rummaging through countless piles when I could be at home doing something more productive.

Bringing a shopping partner.

Don’t force anyone to go shopping with you but if someone is willing to go with you then take advantage of this. If both of you have similar interests then you will have an easier time filtering out the junk and finding the deals that truly matter to you guys.

Only spend money you have.

This doesn’t necessarily restrict you to just cash. I often will use my Kohls credit card and then simply transfer the money over from my checking account when I get home. Black Friday sales are an easy way to rack up credit card debt that will follow you for a long time.

Check online merchants throughout the day.

I remember going on Amazon at random times during the day to find some exceptional deals. Online merchants are aware that many users are out and about at the shopping malls and

Final thoughts on Black Friday shopping

Okay do you really have to shop? The reason I ask this is because I could use some new clothes but I do not under any circumstances NEED any new clothes. My girlfriend is always bothering about my wardrobe (and other things) but I feel that I have soo many shirts and jeans that I haven’t worn in years.

One of my most important Black Friday shopping tips is to cut down your random purchases as much as possible. 80% off anything is always enticing. I mean ALWAYS. We have all bought an item simply because it was 80% cheaper. Watch out for this phenomenon as you look through Black Friday shopping sales.

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