How-to Financially Survive The Holiday Shopping Season

Christmas Shopping Tips

Christmas is almost here. You know what that means. Everyone is looking for great Christmas gifts. Christmas shopping is also here. Aside from awkward work parties where you try not to get too drunk so that you don’t embarrass yourself and figuring out if you need to attend every party you’re invited to, you need to figure out how you’ll pay for the crazy amount of gifts that you’re going to have to buy.

The last thing you want to is be stuck in February thinking about paying off debt from the holiday season.

This year I wanted to take a look at how you can financially survive the Christmas shopping season without going flat broke:

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Set a gift budget for inexpensive Christmas gifts.

You need to know how much money you’re going to spend on gifts this year. You can’t spend all of your money on your girlfriend (not that she would complain) and then have nothing left over to get gifts for your family.

I like to set a dollar amount for how much I plan on spending on Christmas gifts. Then I set an amount of how much money will be spent on each person on my list.

My Christmas gift hierarchy is actually pretty simple: it starts with parents, then two brothers, and then a few friends.

How does your Christmas gift budget look? Do you focus on inexpensive Christmas gifts?

Set gift limits with friends.

If anything you’ll at least save a few awkward moments that could happen. You don’t want to give someone a scarf and then find out that they got you an iPad in return. When you set a gift limit I find that it forces everyone to get creative. You also will know what range of items to look for.

Share experiences.

Go for drinks. Go on a trip. Take off for a few days. Do something fun. Sharing an experience can be much memorable than some shirt that doesn’t fit someone properly. I would much rather go for drinks with someone then have to spend all day at the mall trying to find something that suits them.

Pick your battles.

Just because every acquaintance you have under the sun decides to invite you to a Christmas party, it doesn’t mean that you have to show up. I personally try to only attend events where I know I’ll have a memorable experience with good company. There’s no point of going to awkward parties where you spend the whole night making sure you don’t get drunk because you don’t trust the people around you. Save yourself some time and money this holiday season by picking which events you choose to attend.

Shop smart.

I know that nobody attempts to “shop stupid.” What I mean is that you need to be prepared. Doing all of your Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve won’t work out too well. Waiting until the last-minute to get your gifts will never work. You either won’t find what you need or you get something stupid as you rush. If you shop smart and plan early, you can definitely financially survive the holiday shopping season.

Hopefully now you’re ready to financially survive the holiday season. Are you looking for those inexpensive Christmas gifts?

3 thoughts on “How-to Financially Survive The Holiday Shopping Season”

  1. Great points. We set a gift limit of $25 per person between us and our families. My husband’s family even does a Secret Santa. I like coming up with great ideas and collecting the presents in our guest bedroom throughout the year. Strangely enough, I have no presents this year yet but I have been browsing Amazon lately. 🙂

    1. Does everyone follow the gift limit budget? From my personal experience I find that there’s always someone that wants to be impressive and get carried away.

      1. With friends, we all cheat a tiny bit (like I don’t think tax counts, hehehe), so it’s more like $15-$20, but no one goes wild, lol.

        With family, everybody sticks to the budget except for the grandparents with my husband. He’s the only child in the whole family (his aunt and uncle on one side has dogs and the other set has cats). The only child seems to get spoiled, lol, even if he is 27 now…

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