Studenomics Helps Lifestyle Brands Soar in Lofty Content Creation Workshop

The Internet economy, propelled by countless consumers on millions of mobile devices drives the real world now as people make web content and generate cash in the comfort of their own homes. The problem is that it’s easier than ever to get started, but more difficult to get noticed in a crowded space.

This is why brands have to work closely with content creators these days. On a Saturday afternoon in June, Martin Dasko of Studenomics met other finance bloggers, magazine owners and business people shooting lifestyle content in a luxury condominium in Toronto.

Do you want to know why he was there? It was a business meeting of the minds and a sharing of ideas and web marketing tactics. Keep on reading to find out more…

Networking events

Long story short: many content creators are trying to find where the young audience is located, what they’re thinking, and most importantly – what they’re buying. This is why it’s important to work with bloggers who focus on your desired audience. Studenomics aims at the younger audience. This is why Studenomics was involved in this unique networking events,

We lured Martin to the site with our vantage point perspective on Lamport Stadium and a historic rugby game happening below. It was the home opener for the Toronto Wolfpack, now a second-year English rugby league team. They dominated the London Broncos from start to finish, winning 32-12.

blogger networking

It was a good omen. Standing on the balcony admiring the Toronto skyline from two hundred feet above the crowds in the stadium inspires young capitalists to carve their own name in some pillar of concrete and make a monument to themselves and their time on this planet.

For students, infinite possibilities sometimes make it difficult to find a true path. Young people wrestle with so many dilemmas as they try to discern their futures based on their grades and job experience.

The typical advice for graduates is to follow your heart and do what makes you happy. Why? Because only then you won’t mind working countless hours and suffering innumerable failures on the road to success. Brands are struggling to connect with young folks as a result of this confusion.

Who was at this meeting and what was their story?

The founder of Caneggs. 

It’s hard to believe how much the Internet has changing the way people order their groceries and consume food in general. Mobile apps have revolutionized meal delivery service and now the web is changing food itself. Space age new foods like powdered egg whites are impacting the health world and promise to grow more popular as society seeks a clean protein source.

The gathering of mavens on hand that day were primarily there to make media about Caneggs brand egg white powder, which is exactly as it sounds – egg whites separated from the yolks, sprayed through a fine nozzles and dried in the air until the substance (albumen) is a dry powder that can be added to meals as instant protein is made from pasteurized spray-dried liquid egg whites, or albumen, resulting in pure concentrated egg white powder. One hundred grams of Egg White Powder dissolved in 700 gm of water is equivalent to approximately 800 gm of fresh Egg White protein. The ladies were making beauty masks and snapping magazine quality photos of themselves having the experience, on their faces.

Christina Paruag of FemEvolve.

Christian is the editor of FemEvolve health and wellness magazine which promotes clean living and healthy urban lifestyle. She was on hand to get egg on her face (to test egg white powder beauty masks) and more importantly, to help create fruit smoothie recipes.

Blogger networking

Banana kiwi with lime flavoured yogurt and egg white powder was the best concoction recorded that day, but all the mango smoothies were popular, the black cherry was divine, and the pineapple with coconut proved exactly why its such a perfect combination – these are the ideas and images will be added to the Caneggs health recipes pages – all were made fresh except the black cherry which was created using a black cherry juice smoothie mix.

Students get inspired – the world rewards the entrepreneur that invents, speculates, flips and reinvest; there are many paths to wealth in this century and just about all of them involve web marketing.

These days good marketing requires high quality content creation; it needs good copy writing and original photographs and unique information made fresh and then promoted by influencers.

Anyone who bemoans our changing economy is a self-doubting pessimist, and not a forward-thinking entrepreneur in love with the idea of doing a more interesting work, and making more money for less time actually working. The ‘life above the crowds’ photo shoot was also in many ways about showing people what’s possible.

Blogger networking event

Velago Patio Furniture was there that day seeking just this kind of storyful situation in which to place their outdoor sofa. The sophisticated import business sources the best furniture from around the world to sell online across Canada. Ronco Outdoor Sofa and Outdoor Dining Chairs were on the balcony and these lightweight pieces of furniture looked great and are great examples of new age décor – made to fit small spaces

The meeting of the minds ended with everyone taking home a Sunbeam 6-cup blender and 1kg of Caneggs premium quality Canadian ‘egg white powder.’ Attendees were encouraged to get in the habit of using the blender and after they use up their free kilo of egg white powder (which has a 2 year shelf life) then they can order more online to replenish their supply.

The blenders were provided by Premier Matrix condo real estate brokerage which was on-hand taking pictures and making media for their website and lifestyle content portal. This is yet another sign of our shifting economy. You know the world is turning upside down when real estate brokers buy blenders for Instagram love.

mastermind meeting

These brands were able to come together to discuss future partnerships. We can only try to speculate on what the future has in store.

“Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.” — Richard Branson

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  1. That’s my kind of party. I’d much rather watch the game from twenty stories up – Lamport Stadium has no sun shade!

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