Stop Blaming The Recession For Everything

Sometimes a topic comes up or somebody presents with me with an idea that just boils my blood. So I start writing about this topic but then I realize that I have no idea under what category or general theme this post would fit under.

This is why I’m officially introducing the rant section today! I have moved away from the typical link roundups on the weekend to trying to squeeze one in during the week. As often as time permits I will try to do a rant on the weekend where I just discuss topics that got me thinking during the week. Of course the rants will not be complete unless you guys share your thoughts too, which I’m dying to hear. If you enjoy this concept or think that I should scrap it then please let me know.

For my very first rant I want to tell everyone to stop complaining about the economy all the time and blaming the recession for everything!

I agree that the recession has impacted everyone’s life in some manner but does it have to be the main topic of conversation all the time?

Get up and do something about it.

Recession is the new weather talk. People complain about it even though they know they can’t control it.

Interest rates may be down, stock prices may be down, but your ability to get up and earn an income will never go away. You may lose your job or get less shifts but you always have the opportunity to use your natural skills to help you earn an income.

A recession is apart of life. It’s just the way the economic cycle operates.

If you’re a college student your goal should be to absorb the content while earning the grades that you always strive for. Don’t lower your standards just because there’s a recession. Don’t start slacking off in school just because of the economic climate.

If you’re a new college graduate it may take longer to find that first job but what did you expect? Great jobs are hard to come by, recession or not.

The recession sucks, the economy sucks, but it doesn’t mean that you have to list those facts in every single conversation that you have.

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