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Best Renters Insurance Indiana

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Location is the #1 factor in determining the cost of your renter’s insurance

So it makes a lot of sense for you to search Best Renters Insurance Indiana if you need a policy. 

However, a Indiana Renters Insurance search can take a lot of time and leave you frustrated with unanswered questions. 

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Finding cheap IN Renters Insurance can be a simple process that can be completed online today in just a few minutes. 

We’ll review everything you need to know about the cost and coverage's and where to get the best Renters Insurance in Indiana online.

UPDATE: 2021 Indiana Renters Insurance Review

There are many beautiful areas of Indiana that are perfect to call home. Securing the best renter’s insurance is the next step. The state of Indiana has many options to choose from that make securing your belongings a breeze.

All of the options in this review come with fantastic customer testimonials. Several of the options are national award recipients, while the Better Business Bureau accredits others. 

Distinguishing features separate the different options. Some of the companies insure your items even when they aren’t in your home. Other options allow you to keep your same coverage if you decide to move out of Indiana. 

What Factors Determine an Indiana’s Renters Insurance Rate?

If you are looking to have a lower premium rate while renting in Indiana, there are a few things to consider. Although rentals in IN are required to have smoke alarms, ensuring that they are up to date and in working order will impact your premium cost. 

When looking to reduce your IN premium, weighing the pros and cons of deductible size can have an impact. Depending on the price difference, it may make more sense to have a higher deductible for a lower rate. Living in Indiana has many perks; don’t less high premium costs be a deterrent.

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Can A Landlord In Indiana Require Renters Insurance? 

It doesn’t matter if you live in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, or Evansville, landlords can be a pain. 

A question we are often asked by soon to be tenants, is, ‘Can a landlord in Indiana require renters insurance?’

The simple answer is Yes. 

If IN renters insurance is included as a requirement in your lease, you must comply with those terms and buy rental coverage. 

This isn’t necessarily a IN thing because the answer to, ‘Is renters insurance required in Indiana?’ It is the exact opposite. 

No, Indiana does not require renters insurance, but with 8% of people in Indiana renting, it makes a lot of sense to protect your self and your stuff. 

A good place to start would be by determining What Is Renters Insurance And Why Do I Need It.

FREE Renters Insurance Quotes - IN - Cities

Location is the biggest factor in determining the cost of your renters insurance.  You can save money by getting a quote from an insurance company near you. 

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What Is The Best Renters Insurance In Indiana?

It is estimated that the State of Indiana has over 547,215 renters, and every one of them should be looking for the best renters insurance in IN

IN has the best renters insurance options offered by multiple, well known, and respected insurance companies. 

It doesn’t matter if you are in Indianapolis or Fort Wayne to get the best IN renters insurance you will want to get the right coverage.

Several factors go into finding the best renters insurance in Indiana that will affect your policy. 

Your past insurance history, desired coverage amounts, the location of the rental, and this one may come as a bit of a surprise, but your credit score may also be considered.

You can learn more about the process in our article, How To Get Renters Insurance

Which Companies Offer Renters Insurance In Indiana?

What Does Renters Insurance Cover In Indiana

Many IN residents in Bloomington and South Bend mistakenly believe that their Landlord’s insurance protects their personal items. 

This is not the case and is the reason you need to know, ‘What does renters insurance cover in Indiana.’

IN Renters Insurance covers personal loss due to fire, theft, or vandalism. 

A Indiana Renters Insurance policy will also cover your liability if a guest is injured on-premises or you damage the Landlord’s property. 

A Renters Insurance Indiana policy does not cover your personal possessions that may break by accident or normal wear or tear. 

Get a much more complete answer to in our article,  What Does Renters Insurance Cover.

Coverage Type

What It Should Cover...

Personal Property

This coverage is for your personal stuff, clothes, electronics, furniture, etc. Should cover up to policy limits.


This will cover you if you accidentally damage your Landlords property or a guest is injured and it is your fault.

Additional Living Expenses

If your place is damaged so bad you can't stay, you will be reimbursed for things like hotel bills.

Recommended Amount Of Renters Insurance In Indiana?

It is difficult to recommend the amount of Indiana renters insurance you may need.

This is because the factors that go into deciding on your coverage amounts are particular to each individual. 

Location plays a significant factor in the recommended amount of renters insurance in Indiana

This is because if you live in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, or Evansville, you may need more or less based on the value of the property you are renting. 

The bottom line is you should probably buy as much insurance as you can comfortably afford based on the value of your personal possessions. 

We get a lot more in-depth in helping you make this decision in our article How Much Renters Insurance Do I Need.

How Much Is Renters Insurance In Indiana

The cost of renters insurance in IN depends primarily on your coverage's and the location of your rental. 

Answering the question of, ‘How much is renters insurance in Indiana’ would be difficult without knowing your personal situation and preferences. 

However, renters insurance Indiana costs on an average annual basis of $174.00

The average cost of renters insurance in Indiana monthly is $14.50, which is very affordable. 

Keep in mind to determine how much is renters insurance in IN your rental location could make these average costs much higher or lower.

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Cheapest Renters Insurance IN

It would help if you didn’t live in places like Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, and South Bend to get the cheapest renters insurance in Indiana

Location plays a huge role if you want to get cheap renters insurance IN

That means places like Evansville and Bloomington may be cheaper because the property values should be less. 

Two other factors will help you get the cheap renter’s insurance Indiana, which includes your insurance claim history and your credit score. 

If you are living in a relatively cheap property with no rental claims and a good credit score, expect the cheapest renters insurance in IN.

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