5 Tips for Using Your Credit Card Wisely

In today’s economy, cards are one of the main options for people who are looking to achieve their goals and keep money (or credit) on hand with ease. But, if you use a credit card on a regular basis, you’re likely to make some mistakes along the way. How can you prevent this from becoming a problem?

Whether your card is from a company that makes it easy for new American residents to get a credit card or you’ve lived in the United States for a while, these tips can help you to get started and make sure that you are able to use your credit card in smart ways.

  1. Always Pay More than the Minimum Payment

No matter what you’re buying with your credit card, you want to be certain that you always pay on time, and pay more than the minimum. Typically, the minimum payment doesn’t even cover the interest that you would have paid this month. If you’re able to, pay off the entire balance as soon as you get the bill. That way, you aren’t stuck with late fees, your interest isn’t compounding, and you aren’t stuck in a tough situation.

  1. Use a Card With Rewards

If you go through Nova Credit or some other credit card company, you will find that they typically offer a lot of different rewards just for using the card! You can earn reward points, get money back, or get mileage that you can utilize when you’re trying to plan for trips. If you’re not getting rewards for purchases that you would have made anyway, then you’re missing out – so look for cards that have reward bonuses.

  1. Don’t Max Out Any Credit Card

One of the biggest mistakes that people make with credit cards is that they use all of the credit that is available. There are a handful of problems that happen with this. First – it doesn’t give you that wiggle room that you may need from a credit card in case an emergency were to come up.

On top of that, it can actually be very detrimental to your credit score. Part of the calculations that go into your credit score includes how much credit that you have available – if that number is at 0 (or, even worse, a negative number), then it’s going to have a  lot of impact on how good (or bad) your credit score may be.

  1. Don’t Use the Cash Advance Feature

If you want to save money, don’t use the cash advance feature on your credit card. They work a lot like those payday loans; if you don’t pay for it within a reasonable period of time, then you’re going to pay double interest or more when you do pay it off. Just use the card as it was intended and you’ll be a lot less likely to accrue additional fees and interest.

  1. Be Careful With Your Account Info 

Your account info is a really important thing to keep track of, and you want to be certain that you aren’t just using it on whatever website that you’d like. Some websites may have phishing information or they may not have the security that you need in order to keep others from hacking in and finding the info that you’re sharing on there.

Look for options that can help you to keep your credit card information safe and that have different levels of security imbedded in their websites. It may even be worth your time to take a little bit of extra money and get multiple layers of protection on all of your accounts with a subscription plan. Keeping your accounts (and your social security number) safe is absolutely paramount.

See what you can find and learn as much as possible. More often than not, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much money you can save if you get a credit card and use it as wisely as you can. If you keep an eye on things and make sure that you go about it in the proper fashion, you can know that you’ve got everything in order and that you can actually save money while using your credit card.