Why Are You Waiting to Experience Something Cool?

“This trip was definitely something that I had on my bucket list.”

I nodded my head and smiled as my buddy Mike made this comment on our flight home.

I finally got to do something that I always want to do. I’ve been writing about traveling the world ever since I started Studenomics. I’ve also supported the idea of experiences over stuff. I recently had a pretty cool experience.

What was this cool experience that I just went through?

I attended my first Wrestlemania ever.

I had been a fan of pro wrestling ever since I was a kid. I’ve been to many shows with my youngest brother. I just never went to Wrestlemania. I’ve always wanted to attend one because of the overall experience. I just never made it because the show has been in random cities in late-March and I usually have other plans around this time of the year (either exams or Spring Break while in school).

I had an absolute blast at Wrestlemania. The show was in Miami and we stayed right by South Beach. We got to experience the night life, check out a few wrestling shows, and hangout with other buddies that usually attend the show. The best part is that I wasn’t even planning on going on this trip until my girlfriend surprised me on my birthday with tickets to Wrestlemania (no my gift was not as good).

Why are you waiting to leave home? What’s stopping you from going on that dream trip?

What’s holding you back from leaving home? Let me take a few wild guesses.

  • Massive fixed monthly expenses.
  • Credit card debt.
  • Student loans.
  • Your car (car payments, insurance, gas, maintenance, and anything else).
  • An unrealistic lifestyle.
  • Going out too often.
  • Buying random crap.

I want to travel the world, but can’t just afford it yet. What can you do to break out of your current situation and be able to live life on your own terms?

You have to earn your freedom.

You don’t deserve anything. You have to earn everything. What are you going to earn your freedom? You can start off by hustling to pull off any of the following goals:

  • Work on paying off your credit card debt.
  • Start your own online business.
  • Find a part-time job.
  • Create sub-accounts for different goals with ING Direct.
  • Sacrifice today for tomorrow.

Each of these will bring you closer to earning your freedom.

You need to actually prioritize.

My favorite theory on this topic is that you can have anything that you want, but not everything that you want. It’s easy for you to say that you want to travel more or that you would like to experience more. It’s difficult to actually do this. It’s difficult to cut the excess from your life. It’s difficult to prioritize. This is why you need to actually prioritize when you want to hit a goal or else you’re going to keep on doing the same thing over and over.

It’s all about making the right moves.

Once you start to make the right moves, you can push yourself ahead of your friends and everyone else that’s too busy making excuses. The problem lies in actually getting started. Once you start to build momentum in the right direction, you’ll be unstoppable.

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As always if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

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