Unique Ways I Save a Ton of Money to Travel & Do What I Want

“It must be nice.”

That’s what I hear often. The answer is yes. Yes it is nice. It is nice to travel. It is nice to save money. It’s not nice to make sacrifices though, but it sure as hell is worth it.

Do you want to travel more? Do you want to buy an iPad without feeling guilty? Do you want to go out more often?

You came to the right place because I’m going to show some cool ways you can save money and use that money to plan your next trip or to just get out there a few times per week.

The picture below describes how I feel about life…


I wanted to share how I save money so that I can travel more often and do random cool things without stress.. You might find a tip that you like in here. You might get offended.  You may not like this post. You may love it. You may hate me for it. But I guarantee that you’ll find at least one new way to start saving money.

I don’t care about sports.

I have friends that will fight you if you make fun of the Leafs. So of course I instigate them because it’s silly for me to argue over a team that sucks.

As far as I’m concerned, UFC and WWE are the only real sports. I don’t care for watching sports 24/7 and dedicating myself to a team.

How do I save money by not caring about sports?

  • I never dedicate a whole day every week to watching someone else make money. I never understood football Sundays or whatever they’re called. Why dedicate a whole day to just watching something? I use this time to work out, make money, or do something productive.
  • I don’t gamble on it. I know professionals that make a living through gambling. I also know degenerates that waste a living on sports gambling. I avoid both.
  • I don’t buy jerseys. I don’t spend any money on sporting merchandise. If I had my own jersey I would wear it, but I won’t spend over a $100 to promote someone else. They get enough promotion by being on national television.
  • I don’t get into trouble over sports. I might watch a HUGE game with friends, but I’ll never go out causing trouble. I’ve seen people burn cars and riot (in person and on tv) because of sports. Wtf? This makes no sense to me. The risk of getting into trouble over a game just isn’t worth it.

I’m not saying that you should stop watching sports because I totally love the friendly competition that goes along with it. I’m just saying that if you’re in debt or not happy with your savings, you need to do something about this.

I don’t care for holidays.

I try not to make a big deal out of holidays. It really is just another day.

I’m the first one to join you for a drink, but I won’t pay double the price and $100 cover just because it’s the beginning of  a new year.

I’ve seen friends blow thousands of dollars that they don’t have because it was a holiday. The usual suspects are:

  • St. Patty’s.
  • Valentine’s Day.
  • Christmas.
  • New Years Eve.

I’m all for spending money on Christmas for my family, so I can’t comment too much on that. However, the other three are just a waste of money in my opinion. Do you really need to be told what day to drink or go out? I certainly don’t. I’d rather avoid NYE and save the money for my next trip.

I avoid tourist traps.

Traveling can be very affordable if you’re smart about it. You can have a blast without spending fortune.

The thing is, as much as I love to travel, I really do hate tourist traps and rip offs. I hate the feeling of getting ripped off. Travel is great at this. From airport food to useless souvenirs that you’ll never look at again.

If you can avoid tourist traps and pointless expenses on your next trip, you’ll find that it’s not so expensive to get away.

Sorry to all future new friends: I won’t buy you a crappy souvenir on my next trip. Don’t even bother asking. I might share a story or two when you’re older though.

I don’t play video games.

I honestly don’t get video games. Why would I walk around shooting hookers with rocket launchers or pretend to go to war when I can go to the gym or go make some money? It makes no sense to me.

You can save money here by not buying games and spending all day in front of a screen. You may not like this tip, but think of how much time you wasted on pointless games in the last year? Was it worth it?

We already looked at how you can literally save for anything on this planet. So if you really want to reach a financial goal, you can. There are no excuses. Don’t even try to give me one.

That’s how I manage to save money so that I can travel more and not be stuck in a job I hate. It’s your turn to try one of these tips out.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” — Leonardo da Vinci

6 thoughts on “Unique Ways I Save a Ton of Money to Travel & Do What I Want”

  1. I was totally with you until the not playing video games part. 😉

    Where else can you save the world from impending doom by killing bad guys?

    And it can be really cheap to be a gamer if you don’t play the latest games. My trusty 8 bit nintendo (8 bits = cpu logic width, not cost) still runs great and it might have been the best $80 my brother and I spent back in 1989.

    Maybe that’s pushing it a bit, but you can buy games a year or two old for almost nothing (or get them for free from your spendy friends when they are done pwning noobs in KillEmAll4 and they have to drop $60 on the new KillEmAll5 with 17% better graphics and 21% more hooker killing rocket launchers). Maybe spend a couple hundred bucks on a system. That’s the price of a weekend getaway, but you can play it for years. Or decades in the case of my vintage 24 year old Nintendo.

    1. Alright Justin, video games aren’t that bad. I see the fun in Nintendo Wii. If I’m at a house party and someone has that going, I can’t turn it down. The silliness gets to the next level when you turn virtual bowling into a drinking game.

    1. Okay, I concede on Christmas because I love to surprise my family/friends. Sports, I don’t mind, but I couldn’t imagine spending a fortune on it.

  2. Exactly. Many of my friends get together on Sunday to watch American football, but not me. Sometimes they go to a bar or sport-themed restaurant to watch together and cheer with other fans of local teams, which is even *more* expensive.

    On Sundays, I save money by stay at home, hitting the refresh button on my bank account’s website. If the mood strikes me, I will have a crappy beer.

    1. I hear you. I’m all for fun with friends and am probably guilty of having TOO MUCH fun. But there’s a time and a place. I just don’t get football and am not crazy about the idea of eating crappy food all day.

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