5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using an Online Tutor

Online tutoring platforms have been around for several years now, but many students still opt to go the traditional route and use an in-person tutor. While in-person tutoring and homework help may be beneficial to some people, the convenience and flexibility of online tutoring is simply unmatched.

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Need help with your homework? You can easily find homework answers on one of the many homework help platforms available on the web. Or, if you need help with an especially technical subject, you can go to any of the top tutoring websites and quickly hire a highly qualified tutor in no time. If you still aren’t convinced of why online tutoring has completely changed the education game, behold five of the top reasons why you should consider using an online tutoring company.

24/7 Availability

If you’ve ever tried to hire a local tutor, you know just how much of a pain it can be. First, you need to coordinate both of your schedules. Then, you need to decide where exactly the tutoring session will take place. Next, you need to agree on a specific date/time (and then actually go through the trouble of making it to the session on time). Compare that with the streamlined process of online tutoring, and you’ll quickly realize why the latter has become so popular in recent years.

One of the primary advantages of using an online tutor is the inherent flexibility. Not only can you oftentimes receive personalized tutoring on-demand, but you can also have the actual session wherever there’s internet. Online tutoring doesn’t constrain you to your locality. It gives you the freedom to explore countless tutoring opportunities, all from the comfort of your home (at any time of day, or night).

Highly Qualified Tutors

If you wanted to hire a tutor in your local area, you’re essentially at the mercy of your location. If you don’t live in a city (or college town), chances are that you won’t exactly have the most qualified tutors at your beck and call. This is where online tutoring has changed the game.

Not only do you have access to tutors basically 24/7, but you also have access to some of the most qualified, professional tutors in the world. Want to hire a Russian language expert? Rather than hire the local tutor who majored in Russian twenty years ago, with online tutoring you can go straight to the source and hire a native speaking university professor who lives/works in Moscow. This is the unmatched power of online tutoring.

Building Relationships and Making Connections

You can find all sorts of homework help online. YouTube videos, sample tests, blogs, etc. The biggest similarity these all share though is a lack of human connection. One of the main reasons why tutoring is so effective is because it’s kind of like having a personal teacher. You get so much more from a one-to-one tutoring session than you ever would from just watching a lecture on YouTube.

Tutors can also be a source of motivation (something you can’t really get from glancing over course materials online). Online tutoring can provide you with empathetic, encouraging mentors that can help push you over the hump of whatever coursework you’re struggling with.

Better Value for Your Money

If you hire a local tutor, you’re forced to pay their rate (with little to no wiggle room). Local tutoring companies don’t have nearly as much competition as online tutors do, so their rates are typically much higher than their online counterparts. One of the biggest reasons why so many students are turning to online tutors is that they’re getting way more value for their money. And, because of the huge selection of online tutors to pick from, you can budget a lot more effectively (than if you went with a local tutor).

Increased Engagement

One of the very obvious benefits of online tutoring is the fact that it involves the latest technology. Tutors and students can make use of a huge variety of digital learning tools (e.g. online whiteboards, videos, animations, interactive content, etc.). The more engaged a student is, the higher the probability is of them developing a deeper understanding of the subject.

Most online tutoring platforms have built-in interactive tools/features that you can use during tutoring sessions. Whether it’s a quiz builder, a slideshow maker, or even a custom game maker. All of these tools can make your online tutoring sessions just that much more effective (especially versus traditional tutoring).