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From budgeting and investing to insurance and banking decisions, personal finance can be pretty intimidating.  The problem is other sites who are supposed to give you professional advice hire writers to regurgitate what they read online.  We actually DO these strategies!  If you're under 40 and want to learn the best ways to make money, save more money, vacation more, and get out of debt, you're in the perfect place.  Start by finding out your #1 financial killer.

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"I paid off $48,000 in student loan and credit card debt thanks to Studenomics."

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"I don't just research finances.  I act."

Hey friends, if you're tired of supposed experts who are 30 years older than you telling you how to manage finances, let me help.  I don't just write about finances.  I live it.  A few things I've done:

  • Made $123k profit on an investment property
  • Graduated from college debt-free
  • Wrote 5 books on personal finance
  • Been featured in Lifehacker, NY Times, and Forbes

Oh, and I've had a hell of a ride along the way taking vacations all over the world and even wrestling professionally.  I can help you start a side business, get out of debt, make money with Uber, or find the investment of your life.  Take the financial assessment to see how I can help.  Learn more about Martin.

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Martin Dasko - Founder of Studenomics