Businesses to Start in College

I want to start my own business in college.

Where do I start? This piece is aimed at every college student looking to start an online business or any other venture this semester. I was lucky enough to start my own business as a college punk.

For most students, school is back in session, and the grind to make money is back. Many jobs on campus are already filled up, and there may be only a few positions left, which are probably the jobs no one wanted in the first place. You can still make money without an on campus job by starting your own business.

Starting a business on a college campus can be very lucrative, as your target market is surrounding you on a daily basis. You have places to market, a central location for your customers/clients, and even people who could help you out. So what are some good businesses to start in college?

  • Tutoring: Every school term, there’s going to be a class or two that some students just don’t get, no matter how much studying they do and how many lecture hours they rack up. If you just so happen to be gifted in this subject, tutoring is a great business for you to start. You can set your own hours and your own rate, and if it’s a subject you love, you will enjoy your job even more.
  • Fitness Coach: The freshman fifteen is real! Many students gain weight once they get to college because their lifestyle changes. They aren’t as active and they definitely don’t eat as healthy. If you’re in great shape, you can offer to be a fitness coach or trainer to your fellow peers. The resources are on campus, which can include a gym or just an open campus. You can set up schedules, nutrition plans, and just do some one on one consulting.
  • Chef: A lot of students who are away for college will definitely miss their mom’s home cooking. You can get sick and tired of dining hall food, and you will quickly exhaust your fast food resources. Although you may not have a full kitchen, if you’re allowed a hot plate, a crockpot, and a rice cooker, you can make amazing meals and sell them to your peers. This will definitely be a great and lucrative business for aspiring caterers.
  • Give a ride: There’s plenty of students on campus who like to go home regularly, and that requires getting to the airport. If they don’t have a car, how are they going to get there? Offer a ride! Your most busiest seasons will be during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Breaks, as well as on 3 day weekends. If you live in town, this can be a great business.
  • Resume writing: Let’s face it: the career center can only teach us so much about a resume. Some people just don’t get it. Your classmates will be willing to pay for a stellar resume that can land them a job. How awesome will that feel that your job is to help other students get jobs?
  • Listing for apartments, internships and events: A lot of students are looking for information about available apartments, internships or even events to attend. If you’re the know-it-all on campus, and know about all the happenings, you should consider either setting up a website or a publication that lists apartments, internships and events for a small fee.

There’s so many things you can do as a side hustle or a main hustle while you’re at college. Think about what resources you have available, what your peers need/want, and see if you’re able and willing to provide for them. The more money you make, the more fun you can have without using your student credit card for every expense.

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