ePremium Renters Insurance Review: Pros & Cons, Pricing, and Features

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I think that you'll agree that signing up for a renter's insurance policy can feel pretty intimidating and overwhelming.

If you're trying to find a renter’s insurance policy that won't confuse you and doesn't come with hours of paperwork, ePremium Renters Insurance may interest you since they promise automatic enrollment if your property manager works with ePremium.

ePremium Renters Insurance promises that they help insure those who may not be covered by the large national companies. ePremium Renters Insurance claims to have automatic approvals and no credit checks.

We know that signing up for renter's insurance coverage can take hours and may stress you out.

This is why we believe that you're going to want to read this ePremium Renters Insurance Review.



ePremium Renters Insurance has been offering insurance products exclusively to property managers who work with them for about 13 years now.

Known for:

  • Unique security deposit insurance.
  • Automatic approvals and no credit checks. 
  • Exclusively insuring tenants who have landlords that have signed up the apartment complex for ePremium Renters Insurance.

Financial Rating:

ePremium is not rated by A.M Best. Millennial Specialty Insurance (an underwriter) has a score of A+.

Who is ePremium Renters Insurance ?

What's ePremium Renters Insurance all about? We found this simple description on the BBB website:

"ePremium Insurance Agency, LLC in Mason, Ohio offers renters insurance services in the multifamily housing industry."

According to the official website of ePremium Renters Insurance:

"ePremium is the gold standard in renters insurance program management in multi-family and single-family housing."

What makes ePremium unique is that your property manager has to enrol the complex. The company also offer security deposit insurance. Keep on reading for more...


Website:  www.epremiuminsurance.com

Phone:  800-319-1390

Address:  4770 Duke Drive, Suite 200
Mason, OH 45040

How Does ePremium Renters Insurance Work?

As you look through renter's insurance policies, we know that you're going to surf all kinds of different websites.

We found the experience with ePremium to be very different than what we were used to.

You can obtain renter's insurance policy if your landlord has registered the complex with ePremium. You can even automatically enrol with limited personal information. We were able to find some ePremium Renters Insurance quotes.

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Is ePremium Renters Insurance Good? 

We know that you want a decent renter's insurance policy so that you don't have to stress about your coverage.

ePremium Renters Insurance is fairly unique in how they offer insurance products. 

There's a program with renters insurance deposit coverage. What’s the ePremium eDeposit program all about?

“In order to move into your new home, you are required to pay a security deposit. Instead of paying the full security deposit, you can purchase security deposit insurance through ePremium eDeposit. ePremium eDeposit will offer coverage equal to that of the traditional security deposit amount but at a fraction of the cost.

Let’s say your community charges a security deposit of $1,000. Instead of paying the full security deposit, you can purchase ePremium eDeposit coverage for just $250. Upon move-out, you will not receive the $250 back as a refund, but you saved $750 in move-in costs.

The price of ePremium eDeposit coverage will vary based on your community and the coverage limit purchased.”

ePremium also offers a coverage calculator on the official website so that you can easily calculate how much personal property coverage you need.

ePremium Renters Insurance Review

Is ePremium Renters Insurance legit?

We took the time to go over the pricing, customer service, policy options, and the financial strength of the company.

In our experience, these are the best indicators of how a renters insurance company operates.

Keep on reading to see if ePremium Renters Insurance is legit...

Editor Review

Our editor's scores for ePremium Renters Insurance for pricing, customer service, policy options, and financial stability:

Studenomics Score: 3 Out of 5 Stars

PRICING SCORE:  3 Out of 5

How Much Does ePremium Renters Insurance Cost?

When we first hear about this company, we wanted to do a deeper dive into how ePremium Renters Insurance works.

The graphic below shows that the website provides some basic information about renters insurance. So we decided to look into the cost.

ePremium Renters Insurance Review

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How Much Is ePremium Renters Insurance?

How much do you have to spend on ePremium Renters Insurance?

According to the official website:

“Renters insurance costs less than you think. Depending on the state in which you live and the coverage level you select, the average cost for a policy can be $11-$22 per month. You can call our office to get the price for your rental location.”

ePremium Renters Insurance Quotes.

We went through the entire process of obtaining a renters insurance quote for you. 

The process is a bit unique here. Please keep in mind that your property manager has to work with ePremium Renters Insurance for you to apply. The good news is that you don't have to give any personal information to obtain a quote.

Here’s how to obtain a ePremium Renters Insurance quote:

  • Log in online. https://www.epremiuminsurance.com/Renters-Insurance/Providers/RenterInsuranceRouter.aspx
  • Search for your apartment unit based on the state/city of residence or zip code.
  • Find your apartment complex and click “Enroll Now.”
  • Select your policy start date.
  • Choose your personal property coverage and liability coverage amounts.
  • Decide if you want extra coverage (water damage, identity fraud, and so on depending on where you live).
  • Select how many roommates you will have in the unit with you.
  • Review your policy
  • Input personal information and payment details.

Here's a quote for a unit in New York with just the basic coverage:

ePremium Renters Insurance Quotes

As you can tell, for $14.7/month you can get an average amount of coverage. You can't really customize your policy, but you can increase your coverage limit (which will increase your premium) depending on how much you own.

Here's a ePremium Renters Insurance quote from San Francisco:

ePremium Renters Insurance Quotes

Both of these ePremium Renters Insurance quotes come with the option to increase your coverage. We just went with the basic policies for a fair comparison.

The good news is that you don't even have to give your email to obtain a ePremium Renters Insurance quote so it's worth seeing if your unit applies.

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Pro Renters Insurance Tip

Renters insurance doesn't just cover the replacement of your belongings, but also protects you if someone gets hurt on your property.  Limits usually start at $100,000.

Is ePremium Renters Insurance Worth The Cost?

Is ePremium Renters Insurance worth the cost that you pay? Based on the quotes that we were able to find, we conclude that it can be if you want automatic enrollment and don't feel like shopping around.

For example, you pay about $16/month in San Francisco for decent coverage. Your basic policy comes with $500 in coverage for bed bug remediation and $500 for pet damage.

On the flip side, you could likely find a lower renter's insurance rate.

Can I Bundle My ePremium Renters Insurance With My Auto Insurance?

The bad news is that ePremium is a unique renters insurance company that only deals with certain apartments. They don't offer any other insurance products so you would have to find another auto insurance provider.

Studenomics Pricing Score:  3 out of 5

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How is ePremium's Reputation for Service?

We looked through Glassdoor, BBB, and Reddit to see what real customers had to say about ePremium Renters Insurance. We couldn't find much information about the company.

Number of Ratings:  Zero

Reddit Sentiment:  Neutral

Number of Comments:  There weren't many discussions about ePremium Renters Insurance.

ePremium Renters Insurance Reddit Feedback

We have discovered that my searching for "ePremium Renters Insurance Reddit" we could usually find some information about the company from regular folks.

The graphic below shows a ePremium Renters Insurance Reddit discussion about the security deposit insurance.

ePremium Renters Insurance Review

Notable Quote From Value Penguin Against ePremium Renters Insurance:

“ePremium renters insurance is pricey by any standard, but especially so given the limited flexibility it offers to customers."

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How Do You File a ePremium Renters Insurance Claim?

What if a situation were to arise where you have to file a claim on your ePremium Renters Insurance policy?

According to the official website:

“Call our office at 800-319-1390 to get your claims process started. Our customer service team will submit a claim on your behalf for your loss. It can take up to 72 business hours for an adjuster to be assigned and reach out to you, depending on your claim.”

Before you file a claim, we want you to remember the basics of filing a renters insurance claim:

  • Note the damages/theft that occurred. 
  • Contact the police if needed.
  • Contact your landlord or property manager.
  • Look for receipts for lost or stolen items.

You may be asked to show receipts or a police report when filing a claim. It's important that you track everything and keep your notes.

Studenomics Customer Service Score:  3 out of 5


What Does ePremium Renters Insurance Cover?

What does ePremium Renters Insurance cover?

We scored a 3 here because there are limits on personalizing your renter's insurance coverage.

Contents coverage.

Did you know that your personal belongings are protected from a covered loss around the world?

ePremium Renters Insurance will cover your personal belongings to your limit from theft or damages.

Personal liability coverage.

What's this all about? According to the official page:

"Liability coverage protects you in the event of negligent damage that you may cause to the property of others, including negligent damage that you may cause to your rental location. It also protects in the event of bodily injury to others. Coverage includes: legal defense, medical payments to others, claim expenses, first aid expenses, damage to property of others."

Additional coverage.

When applying for a ePremium Renters Insurance quote, we discovered that they have additional coverage available in some locations.

For example, in San Francisco you get $500 in pet damage liability and $500 in bed bug remediation coverage.

The graphic below also shows you options that you have when it comes to adding additional coverage to your renters insurance policy.

ePremium Renters Insurance Review

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What Isn’t Covered By My ePremium Renters Insurance Policy?

What’s not covered with your basic ePremium Renters Insurance policy? It's important to look at what kind of coverage you're missing so that you know what kind of upgrades you may need.

The graphic below gives you a quick look at what isn't covered with ePremium Renters Insurance, but could be with some additional costs.

ePremium Renters Insurance Review

It's also important to note that certain upgrades have to be made to any renters insurance policy.

If you plan on running a business out of your unit then you may need additional coverage.

You also want unique coverage based on your geographic location and weather conditions that might apply.

Can I Add My Roommate?

Can you add your roommate to your ePremium Renters Insurance? Yes. When you obtain a renters insurance quote, you're asked about how many people you want in insure in the unit.

This will help you save some money since you can insure everyone under one policy instead of purchasing multiple policies.



Lemonade Renters Insurance

State Farm

Progressive Renters Insurance



Starting at $11/mth

Starting at $5/mth

Starting at $13/mth

Personal Property Coverage

(Starts At:)




A.M. Best Rating

(Financial Strength)




BBB Rating




Claims Process




Best for:

Automatic enrollment

Quick online purchasing

Lowest Cost

Studenomics Rating

 3 Stars

4.75 Stars

Read Full Review

4.6 Stars

Read Full Review

Studenomics Policy Options Score:  3 out of 5


What is ePremium's Financial Rating?

We always look over the financial strength of an insurance company because we want you to know that you're going to be covered.

The issue with ePremium Renters Insurance is that they use MSI and other insurance companies for the underwriting of the policies.

The good news is that MSI has an A+ A.M Best score which means they're in a strong position.

Studenomics Financial Strength Score:  3 out of 5

Pros and Cons of ePremium Renters Insurance?

Every renter’s insurance policy comes with its own set of good news and bad news. There's no such thing as a perfect renters insurance policy because all have unique demands from our coverage.

What are the pros and cons of ePremium Renters Insurance?

We were impressed by the unique security deposit insurance, the ability for easy enrolment online, and that you could add your roommates to your policy for free. These positives can't be ignored because they're extremely rare.

On the flip side, not every unit is eligible for ePremium Renters Insurance and the company doesn't underwrite the actual insurance policies so you don't know who you're going to be dealing with when it comes time to go through with a claim.

Here's a quick summary of the pros and cons of ePremium Renters Insurance:


  • Easy enrolment.
  • Your property manager will file claims on your behalf.
  • Roommates are covered for free.
  • Unique security deposit insurance.


  • Not available with every unit. Your landlord has to set it up.
  • Basic plans may not have enough coverage.
  • ePremium uses other underwriters for the insurance.
  • Limited information available online about coverage.

Does ePremium Offer Insurance In My State?

The good news is that ePremium offers insurance policies in all 50 states. You simply insert your zip code or look up your apartment unit in the form to see if your building is covered by ePremium.

You can also check the best renters insurance rates by state using the map below.

How can you cancel your ePremium Renters Insurance?

What if your situation changes and you have to cancel your ePremium Renters Insurance policy?

The good news is that you have multiple options here:

Call the office (800-319-1390) when you want to make any chances to your policy.

Cancel online. There’s a form right here: https://www.epremiuminsurance.com/Contact/Default.aspx?Action=C

You can cancel online with a simple form so you don’t have to worry about an awkward phone call.

Please keep in mind that you don’t want to go a period of time with no renters insurance.

Final thoughts on ePremium Renters Insurance.

That’s our ePremium Renters Insurance review. They don't offer many options and you could easily find better prices out there for renters insurance rates if you look around.

This could be a decent renters insurance policy if your landlord uses the system and you don't mind paying a premium for easy insurance enrolment. You also could get support in paying your security deposit which is extremely rare for a rare renters insurance provider.

As always, we urge you to explore all of your options available to you when it comes to renters insurance coverage.

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